Aspen House

Aspen House is a registered children’s home providing support for 13 to 18-year-olds. It is a large 3 story victorian terraced house owned by the Hennessy Group and is staffed 24 hours by a member of our highly-trained team.

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About Aspen House

Aspen House is a children’s home which is owned by the Hennessy Group. It is a large detached House with 5 bedrooms, based in Hartlepool. It is a specialist home that provides a service to young adults aged from 13 to 18 years old who experience Social, emotional and behavioural difficulties, including mental health difficulties and associated conditions.

Aspen House provides support for long term outreach care (in some cases) and emergency/accelerated admissions dependent upon compatibility and suitable space within the home.

There are shared communal areas including a spacious open plan living room. There is also a large spacious kitchen and dining room and 5 spacious bedrooms for young people spread across two levels.

Children and young adults will be deemed suitable to reside together following completion of a comprehensive compatibility risk assessment. Aspen House’s Management have an excellent reputation in the development and progress of complex children and young adults who have challenged service previously.


Our Aims and Objectives at Aspen House

At Hennessy Group our objective is always to provide the best possible care and support for those we work with. To enable us to achieve the highest standards possible we will:

Provide a house which Young adults can be proud of and feel able to invite family and friends to.

Work alongside colleagues and other agencies to build strong relationships with Young adults and their families.

Provide an environment in which Young adults can be encouraged to develop physically, psychologically, intellectually and socially.

When appropriate, offer specialised support and mentoring from experienced staff who will encourage and enable Young adults to achieve and move into independent living.

Promote the independence of Young adults at all times and encourage them to care for themselves by offering a high level of emotional support and practical help in health and educational/employment issues, cooking, budgeting and household tasks.

ProvideasafeenvironmentwhereYoung adults can reflect on their experiences, stabilise their behaviour, regain control and find coping mechanisms.

Provide the maximum opportunity for each Young adult to mature as an individual, to develop their personal identity and accept responsibility for their own actions.

Provide a supportive environment for Young adults in which, with guidance, they can assess themselves realistically and determine their own options.

Preserve and support the Young adult’s links with their own community by working in partnership with the Young adults, their parents, other carers and those with parental responsibility.