Rose Lodge

Rose Lodge is a large detached bungalow with five bedrooms, based in Heaton; a suburb of Newcastle upon Tyne. This home specialises in helping 10-18 year olds with emotional and behavioral difficulties.

About Rose Lodge
Children's Home

Rose Lodge is a children’s home which is owned by the Hennessy Group. It is a large detached bungalow with five bedrooms, based in Heaton; a suburb of Newcastle upon Tyne. It is a specialist home that provides a service to support young people aged from 10 to 18 years old  who present with social, emotional, challenging behaviour, complex needs and attachment issues.

Rose Lodge provides support for long term

Three bedrooms are located on the ground floor. Upstairs there are two bedroom which has en-suite facility. There are shared communal areas including a spacious open plan living and dining room, and a kitchen overlooking the patio area to the rear of the property.

Children and young people will be deemed suitable to reside together following completion of a comprehensive compatibility risk assessment.  Rose Lodge’s Management have an excellent reputation in the development and progress of complex children who have challenged services previously.

Our Aims and Objectives at Rose Lodge

Ensuring excellent delivery of care. Specifically, we at Rose Lodge aim to:

Provide a physically safe and comfortable place to live and to safeguard and promote the welfare of each child.

Provide consistent and reliable staff, modelling and ‘good parenting’ to support and encourage children within our care.

Listen to and respond to children’s concerns and encourage them to express their views and opinions. Ensure each child’s rights and individual needs are respected.

Facilitate positive experiences and constructive use of free time. Encourage children to participate in social and leisure activities.

Ensure that all the key developmental areas of health, education, emotional and behavioural development, family and social relationships, identity, self-care and social presentation are addressed in the planning for each child.

Encourage children to plan and work together towards household decisions regarding activities, decoration of the house, purchase of equipment, house rules and sanctions etc.

Work towards positive outcomes with children, their parents, carers social workers and relevant others.

Facilitate contact between the children and their family, friends and other relevant people.

Welcome visitors to the home.

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