Are you looking for a rewarding career, driven and want to work with young people If so then working for the Hennessy Group offers a chance to work in an environment that allows you to positively impact the lives of young people.

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It is vitally important that our staff possess the Hennessy characteristics of being:


Passionate about working with young people


Driven and career focussed


Having a caring disposition


Open, honest and trustworthy

Available Positions

Residential Support Worker

Willington, County Durham

To play a role in the establishment, maintenance and development of the environment and climate of the Home, thus providing young people with a calm and relaxed group living experience conducive to emotional security and personal happiness and growth.

RESPONSIBLE TO: Registered Manager

LIAISON WITH: Deputy Manager & Senior Staff



1.1 To play a role in the establishment, maintenance and development of the environment and climate of the Home, thus providing young people with a calm and relaxed group living experience conducive to emotional security and personal happiness and growth.

1.2 To become fully conversant with the Groups philosophy and policies.

1.3 To be actively involved in planning and participating in the homes recreational and social programme and engage individuals and groups in constructive, enterprising, and socially extending range of leisure pursuits.

1.4 To respect and maintain the confidential nature of the work.


2.1 To establish good relationships with young people based on confidence, trust, understanding and mutual respect, setting a good example to all staff.

2.2 To encourage young people to maintain socially acceptable standards of behaviour as described in the Staff Handbook and other guidelines for staff.

2.3 To provide all young people with guidance and counselling of a personal and social nature.

2.4 To take a share of responsibility for the safe supervision of young people by exercising adequate control.

2.5 To be responsible as Key worker for young people undertaking casework, report writing and initiating and implementing individual care plans.

2.6 The Hennessy Group is committed to the safeguarding and promotion of the welfare of all children and young people in our care. All staff have a key role and responsibility in this area.


3.1 To participate in the Group’s Staff Development Programme.

3.2 To attend and participate in staff meetings as appropriate.

3.3 To participate in appropriate In-Service Training.

3.4 To be involved in the induction and initial support of new staff.


4.1 To make full use of the Group’s mechanisms to record young people’s progress and development.

4.2 To contribute towards social and emotional reports as required.

4.3 To attend and contribute to the Annual Multi-disciplinary Review, care planning or other meetings as required.


5.1 To make effective and efficient use of the resources available within the Home and to be aware of resources provided by the Group and those within the community.

5.2 To maintain the orderliness of the young people’s living areas and social areas and clean such areas in emergencies.


6.1 To monitor objectively the quality of relationships between young people, between staff and young people and between staff with the constant aim of improvement.

6.2 To ensure that full and complete casework records of young people progress are maintained in respect of young people for whom you are Key Worker.


7.1 To perform any other reasonable task that the Registered Manager or his/her appointed deputy may ask from time to time.

7.2 To act as driver and/or escort transporting young people to and from school, on shopping trips and activities.

7.3 To perform sleeping-in duties as required.


The Hennessy Group is committed to the safeguarding and promotion of the welfare of all

children and young people in our care. All staff have a key role and responsibility in this area.

This post is subject to an Enhanced Disclosure check.


This job description will be reviewed at least once per year and may be subject to amendment or modification at any time after consultation with the post holder. It is not a comprehensive statement of procedures and tasks but sets out the main expectations of the establishment in relation to the post holder’s professional responsibilities, duties and grading.


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Person Specification for the post of: Residential Support Worker




 Experience of working with children
and young people
Education/qualifications/ Requirement to possess/achieve Level 3 Diploma for the GCSE English
Training Children & Young People’s Workforce.   Ability to contribute to written reports
Ability to make verbal contributions to
Reviews and Case Conferences
Specialist training in a related area
Special Knowledge Ability to participate in a range of activities with enthusiasm Ability to organise and lead recreational
Skills/disposition Ability to form positive working relationships with Ability to provide counselling to individual
parents and outside agencies young people
Ability to become an integral part of a team
Good communication skills
 High level of resilience
Personal Qualities Ability to build positive relationships with children and young Sense of humour
Ability to maintain professional standards at all times
 Ability to support young peoples in their daily routines in a
variety of settings
Work Arrangements and Clean driving licence and ability to drive with young
Availability passengers
40 hours per week on a flexible rota
Ability to cope with a flexible working hours
 To be available for sleep-in duties if required
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Deputy Manager

Willington, County Durham

The following is typical of the duties the postholder will be expected to perform.  It is not necessarily exhaustive and other duties of a similar nature and level may be required from time to time...

Responsible to: Registered manager

Main Duties:

The following is typical of the duties the postholder will be expected to perform.  It is not necessarily exhaustive and other duties of a similar nature and level may be required from time to time.

  1. To assist the Registered Manager in carrying out responsibility for the care and wellbeing of the children and young people in the home.
  2. To support the Residential team in ensuring that the personal management and supervision of the children is always of a professional, dignified and caring nature.
  3. To support the Registered Manager in ensuring that the Residential team work to agreed standards of care practice so that the general wellbeing and dignity or all children is maintained to a high level.
  4. To undertake responsibility under the general direction of the Registered Manager for aspects of the day-to-day management and organisation of the child care team in, and for administration of staffing and similar matters.
  5. To work within a multi-agency context with professional colleagues and parents to ensure the personal development,  wellbeing of the young people and needs are met.
  6. To take responsibility for the setting of care plans and challenging targets for individual young people and monitoring their impact they have on their progress and overall outcomes.
  7. To assist the Registered Manager in carrying out responsibility for the safeguarding of pupils who reside at the home.
  8. To work with the Registered Manager to ensure that the Residential team follow all relevant statutory, procedural policy and Code(s) of Practice requirements and guidelines.
  9. To assist the Registered Manager in managing all aspects of the residential unit, including to supervise and support the team of residential support workers and monitor all planning strategies for the young peoples care in the residential setting.
  10. To support the development of staff induction training programmes and the maintenance of appropriate records.
  11. To monitor staff performance and give support to maintain high standards.
  12. To assist the Registered Manager in staff development.
  13. To plan, organise the running of, and participate in, off-site residential experiences.
  14. To be responsible under the Registered Manager for specific aspects of the residential provision such as, for example, planning and managing duty rotas, health and safety, risk management, confidentiality as agreed with the registered manager.
  15. To assist the Registered Manager in ensuring that the well-being of the children is properly safeguarded and necessary records are maintained. This includes matters concerning fire precautions, Health and Safety Regulations and the strict observance of rules concerning the safe keeping of drugs and medicines, maintenance of the building and equipment.
  16. To assist the Registered Manager in ensuring that, with other staff as appropriate, the education, social and emotional needs of the young people are met, including carrying out any agreed programme for meeting such needs including the development and maintenance of care plans and educational programmes in conjunction with other staff.
  17. To develop home/school links and links with other agencies and allied professionals.
  18. To assist the Registered Manager in undertaking responsibility for monitoring of children’s progress at the residential unit, to represent the company as and when necessary, at case conferences, planning meetings, courts, etc, and ensure systems are in place for liaison with multi agency professionals.
  19. To maintain records and prepare reports which may be required procedures, on social and emotional development of the children.
  20. To share with Registered Manager the responsibility for, and undertake, on-call duties and night supervision of children where necessary.
  21. In consultation with the Registered Manager, to accept delegated responsibility for certain monies and allowances necessary for the home.
  22. In consultation with the Registered Manager, to oversee the ordering or all supplies/equipment necessary for the residential unit and ensure that appropriate stock records are maintained.
  23. To manage transport arrangements for the safe travel of children to and from school.


  • This post is subject to a criminal record check under the arrangements established by the Criminal Records Bureau.
  • The management  reserves the right to alter the content of this job description after consultation to reflect changes to the job or services provided, without altering the general character or level of responsibility.
  • Reasonable adjustments will be considered as required by the Disability Discrimination Act.
  • The duties described in this job description must be carried out in a manner which promotes equality of opportunity, dignity and due respect for all employees and service users and is consistent with the Council’s Equal Opportunities Policy.
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Home Manager

Willington, County Durham

The postholder will be responsible for ensuring that their home is run in a professional and qualitative manner, taking into account...


The postholder will be responsible for ensuring that their home is run in a professional and qualitative manner, taking into account:

i) The expectations, aspirations and needs of the service users resident in that home.

ii) The expectations, and requirements of service commissioners,

iii) The requirements placed on the service by Statutory Authority, and,

iv) The Policies, Procedures, and expectations of HCS.

Accountable to:- COO
Responsible to:- COO
Responsible for:- Support and ancillary staff as appropriate

A. Main duties & Responsibilities:

  1. Lead and direct the day-to-day operational management of the home, ensuring that available resources are used effectively to enable the provision of a good quality service.
  2. Ensure that all staff working within the home receive regular supervision, in accordance with HCS Policy.
  3. Work closely with the Service Development Team, participating in the selection and compatibility of potential new residents, their assessment, and transition into the home if appropriate.
  4. Ensure that all service users have a dynamic support plan, which involves the person as far as is possible, takes account that person’s needs and aspirations, and is reviewed regularly.
  5. Hold responsibility for ensuring that the home operates in accordance with all statutory requirements, using the National Minimum Standards as a benchmark for good practice.
  6. ensure that the home offers a safe environment geared to creating opportunities for the personal development of service users, taking into account practical, physical and emotional needs.
  7. Take a lead role for risk analysis within the home, ensuring that appropriate assessments take place, and plans put in place to minimise risk where necessary.
  8. Ensure that all steps are taken to maintain the health of people living within the home.
  9. Play a supporting role to Senior Managers regarding the Contract Monitoring process, providing reports and management information on the conduct of the home where this is necessary.
  10. Liaise with external Agencies as appropriate, and ensure that contact between the staff team and those Agencies is conducted in a professional manner.
  11. Work with the Personnel Department in supporting the recruitment and selection of staff, and assist the Area Manager in the formulation of staffing strategies, Policies and Procedures, and other pieces of managerial work as required.
  12. Participate, as required, in the formulation of budgets, and to monitor expenditure in specific budget headings, as required.
  13. Ensure that proper record and administrative systems are in place within the home, as required by HCS Policy & Procedures, and Statutory Authorities.
  14. Be accountable for the management of the Home’s petty cash float and any monies/valuables belonging to service users kept within the home.
  15. Participate in the on-call management system as required.
  16. Ensure that the home is run in accordance with good Health & Safety practice and legal requirements.
  17. Ensure that maintenance and equipment renewal needs are communicated to the relevant person, obtaining costings/quotes where appropriate, and then ordering items/services once authorised.
  18. Ensure that good communication networks are maintained within the home, upwards within HCS management structure, and sideways to relevant others.
  19. Undertake Reg. 26 visits in other homes, should this be required.
  20. Support the Company’s Disciplinary & Grievance processes, as required, including involvement in Investigations, and the Chairing of Disciplinary Hearings if need be.
  21. Ensure that all staff within the Home are aware of, and adhere to, HCS Policy & Procedures, and to have involvement in the review and revision of these, and other Company documents when required.
  22. Undertake any other managerial tasks as required, in accordance with the seniority and level of responsibility inherent in this position.

B. Development of Service:

i. Review the existing service on an on-going basis, to ensure that it continues to run smoothly, and in accordance with the needs and expectations of the service users, the Company and Service Commissioners.

ii. Participate in events, meetings etc., where the interim is to publicise the Organisation and to support the promotion of available services.

iii. Encourage innovative practices and approaches within the home, and work closely with the Company’s senior management team in helping to identify areas of diversification that may provide added value, both to HCS and those who use our services.

C. Staff Training & Development:

i. To work alongside the Training Co-Ordinator to help collate information to inform the development of the Company’s Training Programme, relevant to the Organisation as a whole, and the home in particular.

ii. To assist the Training Co-Ordinator in ensuring that the Training programme is supported, and attended by staff.

iii. To support the monitoring and implementation of the Company Induction & Foundation Training processes, as necessary.

iv. To participate in training aimed at developing the post holders own skill and knowledge base, as required.

v. To lead, or participate in, staff training sessions from time to time as required.

vi. To support and participate in, the implementation of the Company’s Diploma Programme.

This job description is subject to review when necessary and at least yearly.




Essential or Desirable


Length of Experience

1 To have significant management/supervisory experience in a relevant care setting within the past 5-years. E
2 Possess an appropriate qualification at NVQ/Diploma 4 level, or have the capacity to undertake this once in post, or hold another alternative professional qualification and be prepared to undertake the Registered Home Manager NVQ/Diploma4 qualification (see Appendix) E
3 Have had experience in supporting the day-to-day operational management of a small community-based residential setting. E
4 Had involvement in recruiting staff within an equal opportunity framework. D
5 Have a good working knowledge of recording systems necessary for the smooth running of a small residential setting. D
6 Should be prepared to maintain existing knowledge and undertake further training/development where this is required. E


Knowledge Skills & Abilities

Essential or Desirable


Length of Experience

1 Have familiarity with assessment techniques, and the ability to develop individual support plans from the information gained through this process. E
2 Have the ability to deploy staff in a way which meets the needs of the service, whilst being able to match staff skill-base with required tasks. E
3 To have had experience in recruiting staff within an equal opportunities framework D
4 A good working knowledge of the supervisory process, as it applies to the monitoring of professional accountability. E
5 An ability to work with figures, and maintain simple financial records. E
6 A working knowledge of disciplinary process. E
7 Have the skills necessary to understand and implement a broad range of Policies & Procedures and to impart this working knowledge to other staff. E
8 Possess the ability to self-motivate and use appropriate levels of initiative. E
9 Have, or be able to obtain quickly, a good working knowledge of the National Minimum Care Standards and other Statutory requirements. E
10 Possess good time-management skills.



Essential or Desirable


Length of Experience

1 Be able to communicate clearly and appropriately both verbally and in writing. E
2 Have the ability to manage people in a way which develops a team-based approach, but which also maintains the management role and position. E
3 Have an empathic approach  towards the needs of people who have a learning disability. E
4 Be able to work in a flexible manner, adjusting work times to suit the needs of the home and those who live there. E
5 Be able to work in a way which places the service user at the centre of life within the home, respecting people’s individual needs, choices, abilities, and desire. E


Equal Opportunities

Essential or Desirable


Length of Experience

1 Possess the knowledge and ability to work within an equal opportunity framework and develop an awareness within the staff team of anti discrimination practice. E  


Qualification & Training

A supporting qualification in Learning Disabilities or an associated area  e.g.,

Skills / Knowledge

Preference will be given to individuals who are able to compliment the Senior Management Team, ensuring the representation of a diversity of skills
Knowledge of current legislative issues pertinent to the LD service
Ability to participate in setting standards and auditing


A minimum of 2 years experience at a Senior Area/ Regional Area level.  If under 2 years experience this may be compensated by a Supporting Qualification

Personal qualities

Ability to demonstrate a commitment to team working
Ability to monitor and motivate individuals within a team
Ability to learn and apply knowledge appropriately
Ability to manage change

Other requirements

Car driver
Ability to work flexible hours e.g. Weekends/Bank holidays
Experience of driving extensive mileage and travelling to multi-sites


Other relevant professional qualifications can include:

a. S.S.

b. Q.S.W.

c. Diploma in Social Work

d. Registered Nurse

e. Advanced Management in Care, City & Guilds

f. Diploma in Social Care Management Studies.

g. Certificate, or Diploma, in Management Studies.

h. Institute of Health Service Management Diploma.

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